A live dashboard for bid management

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Did you, as a sales manager or someone with ultimate responsibility, ever asked your Bid Manager or Account Manager the question: “What is the status of the bid?”. I am curious as to which answer was given. It would not surprise me if it was one of the answers below:

  • [Verbally] “Yes, good. We are on track. Few thingies that are not quite top yet, but nothing that we cannot handle”

    Good to hear such a reassuring answer straight from the mouth of the Bid Manager, but is this on gut feeling or backed by facts? What happened when you asked about what those “thingies” were, when they were discovered, what the financial impact was and who is working on a solution? Not seldom the Bid Manager is now puzzled and has to go back to her/his bid team for answers or go through dozens of emails to understand how “that thingy” had come about.

  • [Presentation] On the reasonably simple question “What is the status of the bid?” follows the answer in the form of a presentation. The Bid Manager walks you through the planning in MS Project, the risk and issue logs in MS Excel and perhaps a presentation in MS PowerPoint.

    In any case this time based on facts, but is that PowerPoint presentation updated every day? What happens if you ask about how that risk was resolved from last week’s presentation, by whom and when? I can imagine that the bid manager will now open his email and look for the answer somewhere hidden in dozens of emails.

Enough about the daily practice of a Bid Manager, let’s see how we can do better. In a previous blog , you have already read how Excellent Team has provisioned a bid management environment based on the monday.com solution. Now that environment has been expanded with a “live #dashboard”. You see the status of the bid at a glance. The dashboard consists of a number of widgets, we have chosen for:

  • The number of days remaining before the bid needs to be handed in
  • The planning of the bid, along with a graph indicating how many tasks are still open
  • A chart, calendar, and financial impact of the Assumptions & Dependencies
  • A chart, calendar and financial impact of the Risks & Issues

You can also ask deeper questions, for example “what risk has not yet been addressed (status red)?”. Below you see what is shown when you open the “Risks & Problems” widget in full screen.

You immediately see what risk has not been addressed and the details about it. In this example, a risk with a financial impact of €80,000. I would say, “Get started with it”. But also the other details are now visible, such as when this risk is discovered, who the current owner is and what the estimated probability is that this risk occurs. You can even click through and read the update why (in this case the first) risk is resolved.

The planning is also folding out in this way and then shows the complete planning in both #Gantt form and tabular form. The image below shows the planning widget expanded and clicked on first bronze task to see all the communication about that specific task.

From the same dashboard, you can also comment on the communication trail on the right side of the screen. In the same way, you can quickly add a risk, dependency, assumption etc. by clicking on a date in the calendar from the dashboard.

Are you interested in how this works in the real world you can request a short online demonstration here. And did I already tell me that this this #bidmanagement environment is #free to use when you hire me to manage your bid?

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