Build a virtual company

Let’s start with a definition found at Wikipedia. “In computing, #virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something”.

My question is how broad we can push “something”? Yes, we all know of server, network, storage, database virtualization and so on, but can we also virtualize a #process or even a company.

In our opinion we can virtualize a process or a company. We are actually building this at Excellent Bid, focusing on bid management. The virtual company owns the bid management processes and tools, you may call it the hypervisor layer if you want to. The actual bid management process is carried out by professionals that are not employed by Excellent Bid (and for that matter: also not employed by the bidding company).

Why is this a big deal?

First of all: #focus, focus and focus. By focusing on bid management processes we are building the best processes you can think of. Literarily, as Excellent Bid provides an open discussion platform where you and everybody interested can help to improve processes. Secondly, we see a lot of companies (bidders) struggle with the bid management function: is it a sales function, a project management function or very process driven? This struggle, combined with the fact that the workload from bids vary, makes that bid management inside bidding companies can use some help.

Of course you can find a self-employed bid manager and assign her / him the task to manage your bid. This will not give you a well thought process, it will give you some extra hands. As the (self-employed) bid managers connected to Excellent Bid all adhere to the same processes and tools this ensures a common process to be used and therefore eliminates some of the risks of using self-employed bid managers (like sudden unavailability halfway through your bid cycle).

At Excellent Bid we are confident that we can increase the chance of success for your tender by #challenging your team to excel while also shouldering the burden by planning and guiding the process. This is the essence of our professional existence.

How do we do that?

Excellent Bid is built on two websites, at members can discuss with each other and connected bid managers every aspect of bid management. The website offers a Social Media style of communicating alongside with discussion boards.

The second website offers the actual environment to support a bid and is open on invitation only. This site supports the processes and tools like planning, maintaining RAID logs and file sharing. Collaboration is supported with the ability to start a discussion on any item, this ensures (future) information is stored within the context of the bid item. New and existing bid team members have immediate access to the complete history, making the whole process more agile. The platform eliminates the need for email and distribution lists completely. At the Excellent Bid website we will host a series of short demo vidoes.

Do you believe a virtual company focusing on a single process adds value to your organization? Open for comments.

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